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Canyon Creek

Posted: 04/27/14

Canyon Creek

Restaurant: Canyon_Creek Mississauga

Nelson: Most don't think of Canyon Creek when you think of steak, but for some reason there are plenty around and they seem successful. I'm not sure why, so let's see if we can learn anything from my visit here.

I had the classic Steak Frites ($31.95) described on the menu as 12 oz New York Striploin grilled with garlic-chive infused extra virgin olive oil tossed fries sprinkled with Grana Padano Cheese. Everything here tasted like butter and the steak itself was cooked well. I learned from MasterChef how they cook steak like this and it involves taking a glob of butter and cooking the steak in that melted butter. Umm...yum! Good searing and rare on the inside, just like I asked for. You can see how rare it is in the last picture and also see that it wasn't too tendony.

The fries although not traditional was a welcome twist to the formula. They were good because the strong garlic taste came through. Like the steak it was full of oil/butter. They were really salty, but after the first taste I just tried to seek more and more salt.

We sat outside on a cool day and it actually made the food go cold very quickly, so patio dining at a steak restaurant may not be the best idea.

The bread was served nice and warm with a side of honey butter. Once again a slight twist that improves on the basics.
Kitty tried the steak adn lobster mash ($29.95) with certified Angus Beef top sirloin with garlic chive butter, poached Atlantic lobster, buttery mashed potatoes and fresh seasonal vegetables. It tasted like the lobster was from the freezer and not very good. Once again everything tasted like butter, especially the potatoes. Even the brocolli tasted like butter.

In conclusion, if you like butter definitely come here. The basic things are done well here and they add a little twist on the dishes that are welcome. Nothing amazing, but butter solid all around.

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