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Bier Etobicoke

Posted: 04/23/14

Bier Etobicoke

Restaurant: Bier_Markt Etobicoke

Nelson @ Etobicoke: I love having a Bier Markt on the west side of town. It's a decent location and I hope they do well enough to stay here as running a bar in the suburbs is a tough business. Good news is that on this Thursday evening the place was busy. That's a good sign.

Thursday's special is the "carvery", described as slow-roasted, Bier basted, carved daily, fresh seasonal accompaniments ($25). It's turned out to be a pork roast. The vegetables were really tasty and the sauce decent, but the actual pork was pretty ordinary. Perhaps it needed more fat?

We tried a Flammekueches, a Belgian flatbread ($14). This one had smoked meat with house-smoked beef brisket, sweet and smoky mustard, shaved cider slaw, Emmental cheese and roasted garlic ($14). The slaw really threw this dish off in my opinion and the large hard to bite smoked meat made it difficult to eat. Perhaps I am biased against flatbreads, but this one was too good either.
What was good here? The beer. Kitty tried the Young's double chocolate stout ($7.74) with 5% ABV. It's from Britain and described as using chocolate malt and real dark chocolate combined with Young's award-winning rich, full flavoured dark Bier. It wasn't too sweet and after that description I was expected more of a chocolate taste, but it was still good.

I had a Paulaner Dunkel Weissbier at 5.3% ($7.74) described as a dark white bier which owes its appearance to the dark malts and 13% added wort which also gives a slightly spicy flavour. Wasn't' my favourite white beer, but it was different from most.

Overall the food is a little pricey, like its downtown location and I don't believe the main attraction is the food anyway. The main attraction is the beer and the atmosphere.

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