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Joe Mama's

Posted: 04/21/14

Joe Mama's

Restaurant: Joe_Mamas Toronto

Nelson: With such an aggressive restaurant name, this joint was surprisingly classy - an oxymoron for a southern BBQ place. We went to watch a live band, the awesome band Shugga, rock the house. The singer was especially talented taking on a wide variety of songs that required range. Anyway, Kitty and I enjoyed a meal first and that's what I'm hear to talk about.

Gotta try the Southern food here, so we started with a grilled shrimp n'scallops - served sizzling hot in a cayenne infused butter ($14.25). They probably should have mentioned it was blackened as well or maybe it was obvious from the restaurant type and I'm just dumb. It had a lot of oil/butter, but the amount of blackening was just right. The burnt taste was there, but in a good non-overpowering way.

Gotta try some BBQ, so we ordered a full rack of ribs dressed in Jim Beam Bourbon sauce ($23.95). The ribs were good, but surprisingly not slow cooked and the texture was closer to something I would cook at home. The rib sauce though was amazing and I loved it. On the side we had some garlic mashed potatoes and sauteed cremini mushrooms. The mashed potatoes had a deeply infused garlicy taste which I loved. The mushrooms (underneath everything else and not pictured) were also good.
Leffe beer is on tap. A lot of people came here for the bar and to enjoy the music. Can't blame them for wanting to have a good time. They have some good things going for them in the food department, but definitely have areas to improve on, but at least the atmosphere and music is rocking.

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