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Yours Truly Tasting Menu Part 2

Posted: 04/19/14

Yours Truly Tasting Menu Part 2

Restaurant: Toronto Yours_Truly

Nelson: This the second part of the tasting menu at Yours Truly ($55). A reminder that the menu consists of single words that are in bold below.

This dish is sturgeon which is roated and smoked. It's a very firm fish with a pleasant sea taste, but not too salty either. The beets on top were smoked and were really good (and unique!). Not sure what vegetable the orange/yellow one is, but it was also delicious. Overall an excellent dish.

Egg could be anything, but this one comes with toasted masa and a poached egg on top of barley. You can see it is slightly black and that is what gives the bread this really great smokey flavour. It was wonderful. On the bottom is barley cooked in a sauce with strong flavours, well at least strong compared to everything else in this dish. The poached egg was cooked perfectly and I liked this one too, except that the sauce was a tad salty.
This is the lamb dish. It is lamb shoulder/back cooked into a roulette with BBQ sauce and carrots pickled in two ways. The BBQ sauce masked the flavours of the slightly gamey lamb along with the general saltiness of the dish. Not one of my personal favourites.
Unbelievely, this is celery mousse. And even more surprisingly it tasted like butter with a celery flavour. Probably the inventive dish, but overall not that good.
This is the predessert amuse an orange panacotta. It was absolutely refreshing and served ice cold in the chilled cup. Slightly sour, but with a clean taste that was perfect to prepare you for the desserts.
This one is intriguingly called rice which is tapioca, lychee, rice ice cream and cookies. I was totally expecting something related to rice pudding, but this is completely different with a more Asian take on a rice dessert. The cookies had a stryofoam like texture at first but then mysteriously evaporate when in your mouth.
This citrus dish is sable cookie, biscuit, candied orange, pomello bits and citrus pudding. A lot going on here, but overall very good with a refreshing taste. I thought the elements complemented each other really well making it better than the individual elements would seem and importantly nothing was too sweet ruining the other less sweet ingredients. Hard to strike a good balance with so many different components in a dessert.

Overall if you love food and creativity you are going to love eating here. They card about making high quality and inventive dishes here that keep you on your toes all night long. Such a fun eating adventure!

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  • Very creative dishes and a really decent price for a tasting menu!
    Dre @ 2014-04-19

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