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Yours Truly Tasting Menu Part 1

Posted: 04/17/14

Yours Truly Tasting Menu Part 1

Restaurant: Toronto Yours_Truly

Nelson: Tasting Menu only. This is the concept for this neat restaurant that makes you feel like you are part of the kitchen. A tasting menu without the pretension. Before you enter there is a sheet showing all the ingredients they are using this week. You choose four dishes (described on the menu with one word in bold below) each of which is either a vegetarian option or "omnivore" and get an equal number of amuse bouches. The dishes just keep coming and coming. And the best part? They describe their creation in detail. Perfect for food lovers.

We started with an amuse, an Acorn squash soup with cumin cream. It was surprising how rich this tasted, but it was in a good way. The cumin taste was quite evident as well. A good start to the meal.

Another amuse, this time it is garlic knots. These were really salty, but deep fried skillfully. It tasted very similar to the Chinese mantou in taste, but with garlic and butter as the flavours. Yum!
This is mackerel and doesn't deviate much from what you would expect to have at a Japanese restaurant. It was very salty, but if you like mackerel, you'll like this dish. I think this was an amuse as well....awesome!
Some Fanny Bay Oysters served simply with a (mint?) leaf. Kitty was happy. An that is four amuse in a row!
Although you can't really see this from the picture, this is supposedly the beef carpacio. It tasted more like tuna. I thought the peanut brittle was strange in this dish as the sweet/salty crunchiness was a contrast, but not a complement. You can't see it, but it had a bit of yogurt too.
This is compressed treviso with goat cheese, pine nuts, poached pear, pickled chili and a peanut and plum paste. The paste was interesting, but the best were the poached pears. I love fruit in my salad and this one was well constructed.
This was described as compressed spinach with toasted barley. I really liked the barley in this dish and the bitter spinach offered a nice contrast.
I guess there are more amuse than mains. Awesome and fun! These were described as bougliere which had a creme puff shell with cheese inside. Fun as a palate cleanser.

Stay tuned for the rest of this tasting menu....we're only half way through!

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