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The best Americano coffee

Posted: 04/30/14

The best Americano coffee

Restaurant: Itas Mexico

dre in Mexico: We stopped by this little shop for breakfast one morning. It looked like it was family run, like most restaurants on this street (Adelitas Street).

We were served bread with homemade jam.

I got a breakfast package, which included pancakes, eggs, ham, and juice ($55 MXN). The pancakes were fluffy and absorbed the syrup well. They were a lot larger than the restaurant at the resort, and this whole package was also much cheaper!

Mike got something called "Dancing with his wife" ($75 MXN). It was made with fried tortilla with onions, eggs, and green peppers. There was no sauce poured on top to make the tortilla soggy, and it was very tasty.

Mike also got an Americano coffee, which he said it was the best one he's ever had in a long time. A lot of places in Mexico only have instant coffee, so this Americano was a rare treat at a small restaurant.


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