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The best quesadilla!

Posted: 04/28/14

The best quesadilla!

Restaurant: Any Mexico

dre in Mexico: Another restaurant we remember fondly was Anys. Actually the name is much longer, but we always just refer to it as Anys. We remember it because it was cheap and had good food, that seemed fairly authentic Mexican.

Of course, we were served some chips and 3 different types of dip. Each had a different level of spiciness.

It was hot and we were sweaty, so we ordered some drinks. I got a 7-up and Mike got a Sol Cero. He thought "Cero" meant light. It really meant alcohol-free. It was really gross...Even I had a sip to try and it was gross.

We got a burrito with chorizo ($60 MXN). It was a bit spicy but very tasty. I need to remember to take pictures of things cut up!

We also got a quesadilla with chicken and cheese ($60 MXN). Kristen really liked it. It was really cheesy. Deep fried dough, similar to Jamaican patty/pizza pocket. This was our favourite quesadilla of the trip!

Although the portions were a little small, it was so cheap that we could have gotten 2 dishes each and it would still be a great deal! We will remember next time!


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