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The reason we came back to this restaurant

Posted: 04/26/14

The reason we came back to this restaurant

Restaurant: Bandidos Mexico

dre in Mexico: We wandered around town and got all hot and sweaty, but we didn't stop until we found this restaurant, Bandidos! The last time we here, this was the last restaurant we went to for dinner, and we enjoyed their signature dish, the Molcajete. We vowed that when we came back, we would each get our own and not share because it was THAT good.

We were served some chips and pico de gallo. I liked how the chips were freshly deep fried. So much better than a package of Tostitos.

The waiter warned that the molcajetes were quite large, but I lied and said that we were quite hungry (even though we only ate breakfast not long before this). We ordered the beef version and the chicken version ($175 MXN each). The molcajete is a stone pot, and you may have seen it used when making guacamole. In this case, the molcajete was heated, probably in an oven or open fire, with this vegetable and chicken stew, topped with cheese. It is quite a heavy dish, literally, and the contents of this meal were extremely hearty. There were lots of vegetables and meat, and the cheesiness made it tasty as well.

The chicken and beef versions were similar, but I liked the chicken one a bit more. As you can see in the last picture, corn tortillas were given to wrap or dip the food.

Unfortunately, this time, the dish was way TOO salty. It really turned us off and the meal wasn't as enjoyable as we'd like. It has tarnished our perception as "the best meal we had in Zihuatanejo", and now we will always remember this place as the saltiest meal we've ever had in Mexico. Also, we were being greedy and got 2... one was probably enough for us...


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