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Breakfast at the resort restaurant

Posted: 04/24/14

Breakfast at the resort restaurant

Restaurant: Acopio Mexico

dre in Mexico: For breakfast, we made our way to the resort restaurant Acopio again. We asked for some orange juice and a glass of milk, and they offered us their "green juice", which contained celery, cactus, cilantro, cucumber. I could taste the celery and cilantro, but it was sweet and tasted pretty healthy. I think there was orange juice added to give it that sweet taste.

I really like the milk as well, and Kristen couldn't agree more. Either it is because it is pasteurized differently in Mexico or this milk is full fat instead of the skim milk I drink at home. Maybe I should try Kristen's homo milk to compare...

Mike ordered the Chilaquiles con huevo, pollo o arrachera - Crispy corn tortilla chips with your choice of egg, chicken or steak served with tomatillo or tomato salsa and topped with cheese, sour cream, fresh coriander and onion ($75 MXN). We got both the tomatillo and tomato salsa, so in the picture it is hard to see that the front side is the green sauce, and the back is the red sauce. I couldn't taste too much of a difference between the sauces.

I ordered the Luscious Banana pancakes - Stack of three pancakes with banana, coconut syrup and kahlĂșa butter ($60 MXN). The pancakes were fluffy and light. The coconut syrup was really tasty too, with strips of coconut in the syrup. I didn't try any of the butter, as I don't like butter even on my pancakes.

Again, the serving sizes were small, but price was not completely unreasonable.


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