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First dinner at the resort

Posted: 04/22/14

First dinner at the resort

Restaurant: Acopio Mexico

dre in Mexico: We arrived in Mexico, in a small town called Zihuatanejo. This is where we went for our honeymoon, and we were staying at the same resort, the Club Intrawest. It is not all-inclusive, but there is a restaurant located inside called Acopio. The restaurant has changed since the last time we were here 6 years ago, and the prices are better now, so they say. Upon arrival, we anxiously waited, as the restaurant didn't open until 6pm. Because of the 2-hour time different, our bodies thought it was 8pm and besides having granola bars, we didn't eat since 11am and we were hungry!

I was glad they brought out bread and the three of us devoured it quickly. We even asked for another bread basket.

Mike ordered the Chile relleno with chicken ($75 MXN) - Pepper filled with chicken, manchego cheese and served with rice. This was TINY! It was at least tasty and a bit spicy but extremely small. This should be on the appetizer list or at least get a bigger pepper. Or maybe give more rice.

I ordered the Chicken enchilada ($85 MXN). This dish was bigger, so I shared an enchilada with Mike. Kristen had an enchilada, so that left me with one. The sauce was really tasty, but not spicy.

There was also a free cocktail for our first meal, but we're not sure what it contained. Can't complain about free drinks!

This restaurant is certainly convenient, but we didn't come here very often as restaurants in town were cheaper and better.

In the next couple of posts, I will try to put the price of the meals (in Mexican pesos). The exchange is about 11:1, but we usually ballpark to 10:1 to make it easier for us to convert in our heads.


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