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Moxie's Burgers

Posted: 04/11/14

Moxie's Burgers

Restaurant: Mississauga Moxies

Nelson @ Square One: Ever wonder what short rib would taste like as a burger? At Moxie's you can find out how their braised short rib stuffed burger tastes. It cincludes caramelized onions, truffle aioli and baby arugula served with fries ($15.99). The meat is a mix of ground beef and the short rib meat which is not ground. Makes for an interesting hunk of meat that you can more clearly see in the third photo. The sauce was interesting and I think the cheese on there was not described on the menu so that's a nice bonus, but overall a little pricey.
This burger, the loaded backyard burger was better IMO. It's served with aged white cheddar, mozzarella, sauteed mushrooms, bacon and barbeque sauce ($14.99. All those toppings do make a difference and make for a good burger.
See the ground meat on the right and the short rib on the left?

Moxie's is pretty consistent for a chain restaurant. It's a little more expensive and perhaps that goes to the attractive wait staff.

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