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Craving for Korean Food

Posted: 04/16/14

Craving for Korean Food

Restaurant: Brampton Sushi_House

dre @ Main & Queen: I had a craving for Korean food, but didn't want to go all the way to Mississauga or Toronto to eat some bibambap. Luckily, there is a Japanese restauran owned by Koreans in Brampton, so we came here as I knew there would be some Korean offerings.

I've only come here for lunch, as their bento boxes are a good price and the food is really good as well. Their dinner prices are more expensive, but I suspect that the portions are not much bigger.

We started with a complimentary crunchy soup. I suspect the crunchy stuff in the soup is similar to tempura batter.

There are also miso soup and a salad that came with our meals.

My dad got the dolsot bibambap. I had a taste and it was really good. I'm going to get this next time.

My mom got a sashimi platter.

I tried the galbi ribs. While it had good flavour, it was a little disappointing as the meat was way too chewy and it was hard to rip the meat off the bones. I was disappointed and this dish wasn't cheap either - $18.99. At least they gave you a lot of meat.

They served mango ice cream for dessert. Still a good meal, and I would come back for the dolsot bibambap!

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