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Il Fornello Brunch

Posted: 04/07/14

Il Fornello Brunch

Restaurant: Il_FornelloIl Richmond_Hill

Nelson @ Richmond Hill: I'm not as big on brunch as everyone else seems to be, but here I am at brunch. This is how Italians do brunch ($17.25) so you'll see some interesting items in this post.

Although at the end of the buffet, I"m leading with his photo of the beef. Not sure if it is a specific style of Italian beef, but it was really dry and needed the gravy which I unfortunately didn't see.

An Italian meal is not complete without pasta! Spaghetti pomodoro and tortellini make for heavy breakfast items that I was not used to. Some vegetables and a chicken dish are also included.
I find that in every country that likes olives they are served for breakfast!
The salads include a green salad, tomato salad, and two different types of cold pasta salad. Gotta have pasta!
Here is the antipasto selection. I'm not used to eating this as an appetizer for dinner, much less as an appetizer for brunch.
I tried the start with the lighter items and here is a sampling. I skipped to the end of the line to pickup the beef in case it was good and I wanted seconds. Also note the couscous which wasn't pictured earlier.
Not pictured earlier are the more traditional breakfast food items including bacon, scrambled eggs and french toast. The bacon was super crisp, but in a good, not burnt way. I'm not sure how they made it but I loved it. The french toast was really flavourful but unfortunately soggy so they could do something to improve this.. Also not pictured from earlier is the pizza. They had a couple of different types rotate through.
There was a big vat of soup and I thought it was Italian wedding but was disappointed to find out it was bean soup. I don't like bean soup much. I obviously went back for more bacon :) They also had Eggs Benedict and they were also cooked expertly. Mussels were an option as well and they brought out a really bad tasting/cooked batch and a good one, so uneven service in this area.

I was absolutely stuffed at this point, but ended with a selection of fruit. They know how to select fruit here as it was all ripe, especially the pineapple.

Overall, quality food for brunch in an uniquely Italian style (look at all the keywords!). A little pricey especially for the first meal of the day, but you will leave full and heavy.

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