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Cracker Barrel

Posted: 04/05/14

Cracker Barrel

Restaurant: Cracker_Barrel

Nelson: I suppose you come for some Americana and cheap food, but definitely not quality.

We tried something different this time, the Lemon Pepper Grilled Rainbow Trout ($9.99) described as two boneless spring water fillets lightly seasoned and grilled until fork tender. It was ok and pretty plain overall. The sweet potato had an unnecessar amount of brown sugar added as if it wasn't naturally sweet enough.

Standard biscuits and corn bread. Both are only average and are much more palatable with a helping of butter.
I do like how they are generous with the variety of sides. The fried apples are my favourite and can be considered dessert. Unfortunately the pinapple was not ripe and a rip. The coleslaw was good though.
I tried the meatloaf dinner ($8.79) described as a thick slice of their special recipe meatloaf made with tomatoes, onions and green peppers. I liked it because it was flavoured well and also moist. Dry meatloaf is the worse, but this was not dry. The added vegetables made it a tad more unique that most. On the side are the cheesy hashbrowns which is one of the best sides here.

Cheap classic American food that will fill you up. Doesn't pretend to be more and you shouldn't expect any more or less.

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