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Posted: 04/03/14


Restaurant: Buffalo Ponderosa

Nelson @ Buffalo: Ponderosa was one of my favourite places when I was a kid. Steak AND a all you can eat buffet! Awesome! Would I think the same as an adult?

Let's start with the steak, a 8 oz ribeye ($14.49 with buffet). It's not the best cut of meat, but they do everything else well as the sauce, pepper, grilling all combine for a tasty, if manufactured, tasty steak. Yes that's two tasties.

A full salad bar doesn't hurt. Extremely processed chicken nuggets must be popular with kids. The chicken wings are above average here surprisingly and coming here just for the wings isn't totally ridiculous.
The other standout from the buffet is the fried chicken. I guess they know how to handle their chicken here. On the not so good side, the salsbury steak on the top right was gross (aren't they always gross?), the taco was ok as they had all the toppings, but the tortilla was cold despite being held in a warmed container. There is some orange chicken at the back too which wasn't very good. And yes that is buffalo wing sauce to the left.
Fruit selection wasn't that good or very fresh. The pistachio mousse in the bottom right was weird. The vanilla pudding reminded me of baby food. Maybe they really are catering to kids?
This brownie was really good made even better by the icing and full of chocolate flavour probably from the generous amount of chocolate chips. At the top is a Creamsicle cake that was soso. The bread pudding on the right and the apple crumble were decent though. The bananas in a strawberry sauce that was sugar free was gross. The ice cream was icy. I was surprised at the variety for desserts on offer although the quality wasn't very good.

Overall this place is good value and good place for families. Not the best steak, but still serviceable, come here if you are hungry. I enjoyed it, even though nostalgia might be playing into my judgement.

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