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South Sea Fish Village Chinese Restaurant

Posted: 04/01/14

South Sea Fish Village Chinese Restaurant

Restaurant: South_Sea_Fish_Village_Restaurant

Nelson @ Scarborough: I think this restaurant has been around for a very long time, but I'm not a local so I don't really know. What I can definitively say is that the prices are really low. The "Super Special Seafood Dinner" was only $69.99 and included clams, lobster, crab, live green bass, flowering cabbage with preserved egg and dessert. That's a good deal! We added a few dishes on our own like this stuffed duck.

Admitedly, it doesn't look too appetizing sitting on the plate with its short limbs and bloated body, but stuffed poultry can be really good when done right. Find out how this one fared below.

When we arrived here we were starving and luckily they had a plate of pickled vegetables waiting to sate that hungry. I only recall seeing this served at Chinese restaurants once before at another Chinese seafood restaurant that happen to be on the South China Sea (look in the background of that photo) .
Ironically the included soup has ham instead of seafood in it. This is one of my favourite included soups at Chinese restaurants. It is so simple, yet flavourful.
This is the aforementioned panfried flowering cabbage with preserved egg. I'm not a big fan of preserved egg so I didn't like this dish that much, but I do enjoy eating Chinese vegetables.
Here is a picture of the insides of the stuffed duck. A mostly sticky rice and preserved egg yolk filling it had a earthy heavy taste to it. It was ok, and I have had better before.
Since it's a seafood restaurant I would hope that their seafood dishes are good. The crab was cooked well and I at a lot of it because the other people at my table were lazy. Score!
Unfortunately the clams were sandy and that took away from the enjoyment of this dish. It also had a very salty fishy taste to them. Maybe it's intentional, but I don't prefer clams cooked this way personally.
Lobster while only 1.5 pounds was cooked really well. Not the typical green onion/ginger stir fry, I think this one was deep fried. I ate a lot of this lobster as well due to other people's laziness. Score!
Because I was so busy eating the lobster and crab, I missed out on a lot of the fish and got the leftover portion.
We also added a fried pork with spicy salt that was made well. I only got one piece as I was too busy eating the lobster/crab. It's a tradeoff I suppose.

We finish the meal with mixed bean soup. If you want cheap competent chinese seafood, this is a great place to go, but don't expect top quality or presentation.

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