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Bombay Bhel for Reshmi Chicken Tikka

Posted: 03/26/14

Bombay Bhel for Reshmi Chicken Tikka

Restaurant: Bombay_Bhel Mississauga

Nelson: Bombay Bhel is our nearby go-to Indian restaurant. It might not be as nice as others, but it's not too expensive either.

We start with beef samosa ($1) which were packed with beef, potato and green peas with an added kick of spice. The sauce helps cool the spice down with its sweetness.

We tried something new as this is Reshmi chicken Tikka ($12.95) which is mildly spiced and marinated in cream. It is dry cooked, but unexpectedly moist inside. They did a really good job cooking this and/or the cream makes the chicken juicy. Either way the chicken was excellent and tasty with a bit of spice. I would definitely order this again and would seek it out at other restaurants.
This bhindi masal ($10.95) is fresh okra cooked with onions, tomatoes, potatoes and a special blend of spices. Another dish with spice, it's a wonder why Kitty likes Indian food so much.
The basamati rice was perfect and went well with our dishes. A quality meal with excellent flavour and cooking technique. I'm not an expert on Indian food, but I can certainly recommend Bombay Bhel.

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