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Dim Sum in Richmond Hill

Posted: 04/06/14

Dim Sum in Richmond Hill

Restaurant: Richmond_Hill Yangs_Chinese_Cusine

dre @ Hwy 7 & Leslie: This restaurant used to be Yang's Sushi serving Japanese food, but now it has converted into a Chinese restaurant specializing in seafood. There are very large lobsters, king crabs, and flounders in the fish tanks at the front.

We came here for an early lunch, because if you submit the order before 11:00am, the price is cheaper! Each dish was $3, except for XL sizes. We ordered a lot of different varieties and they came out pretty fast.

The first dish was the sticky rice wrapped in lotus leaf. This is one of Mike's favourites.

Another one of Mike's favourites is BBQ pork pastry.

This was pumpkin congee. It was really good! At first I thought it was some sort of corn soup, but was told it was pumpkin that gave it the yellowish colour. It was really tasty and a little sweeter, but not overwhelming.

Here is steamed chicken, beef balls, har gow, and at the back was our dessert, the egg custard steamed bun. We left the egg custard bun until the end, and by that time, it was already cooled down and didn't ooze out its goodness.

Siu mai and tofu steamed noodles. The tofu steamed noodles were another interesting item, and it was the first time I've tried this combination.

Short ribs were really tasty. These were my favourite dish of the meal!

One of my favourite dim sum items is beef tripe.

The shrimp steamed noodle and curry squid is always a classic dim sum item. Putting the pea shoots in the shrimp roll was a nice touch.

The food here was really good and the restaurant was spacious and clean. The only complaint is that there is no where to change a baby's diaper, but the washrooms can certainly accommodate something in the future.

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