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3 Brewers in Ottawa

Posted: 03/20/14

3 Brewers in Ottawa

Restaurant: 3_Brewers Ottawa

Nelson: Although I didn't really like my first experience here maybe this time will be better. The space and location are really great and expressly designed to attract passers-by. The beer here I have no complaints about and I like how the menu recommends a type of beer to go with each dish, but it is important that the food also be good.

Kitty tried the Euro Sandwich ($13.99) with grilled chicken, grilled zucchini, brie cheese and salsa served on ciabatta bread with fries. It was quite tasty overall and well put together but a tad on the dry side.

I had The 3B poutine which has chicken, bacon, caramelized onions and swiss cheese ($10.99). I don't think it's possible to take an appetizing picture of poutine, but it did taste better than it looks. The beer fries were a little extra but made the dish tastier. The chicken was ok and seemed generic from a bag and processed, but the bacon and onions were great toppings.
We also shared some sweet potato fries and they were really good with a good crunch to them and a nice sweet finish.

Overall much better experience, but still not great food. I'd say their strength is beer and not food.

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