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222 Lyon Tapas Bar

Posted: 03/14/14

222 Lyon Tapas Bar

Restaurant: 222_Lyon_Tapas_Bar Ottawa

Nelson: Near downtown Ottawa, I felt like I was visiting someone's house because this was at one point a house. For such a small place they sure had a lot of staff. Despite all that staff we didn't get served any bread even though all the customers around us had some. We eventually got it midway through the meal, but by then we didn't want it as badly. At least it was really fresh bread.

We tried four tapas items starting with squid A al Roma which is dusted calamari with house dip ($11). The calamari was good, but the sauce wasn't very unique.
Next are the Spanish style croquettes ($10). I haven't had croquettes often before and after trying it I remember why I don't usually order it. I just don't like the texture and the spice used. Not exactly sure what makes this one "Spanish", but it had shrimp inside and came out nice and hot.
This dish doesn't look like much, but it is the Chicken al Ajilo ($12) with prosciutto, garlic, wine and a touch of chili. This dish tasted like something I would cook and almost had an Asian flavour to it. The touch of spice and the chorizo sausage (not prosciutto I guess?) made it slightly different.
The best is last with "today's" scallop ($14). They were cooked well done, to the point where they were a little stringy (like the dried Chinese scallop) but it was still not overcooked. The sauce was rich and tasty and went perfectly with the late arriving bread. I really tasted leeks, butter, cream and wine in the sauce.

Overall a mixed bag and perhaps it was what I ordered, but they didn't really show any sophistication with the cooking technique or presentation. I still had a nice meal and time, but there is room for improvement.

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