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Haven't cooked like this in a long time!

Posted: 03/23/14

Haven't cooked like this in a long time!

Restaurant: none

dre: We had some friends over and originally I was going to keep it simple with some baked chicken. Then having one family over turned into two families so I knew I had to cook a bit more food.

I cleverly made one dish the night before, which was the cornbread sausage stuffing. This is really easy to make, and the only thing you have to prep is baking some cornbread beforehand. Simply decase and fry up some sausages, throw in your favourite vegetables (I used onions and zucchini), crumble the cornbread in, and add some Italian seasoning. To reheat it, I put it in the oven with everything else.

One family brought scalloped potatoes. I'm not a big scalloped potato fan because I find it too cheesy, but this version didn't taste cheesy. I asked my friend how she made it, and she said it is just cream cheese, some milk, and some seasoning. She did put some parmesan cheese on top, but I scooped from the bottom.

Not sure if what I had prepared was filling enough, I popped in a No Name frozen lasagna. No Name makes good lasagna and I like that they don't use ricotta or cottage cheese.

I tried to make honey mustard chicken legs again, but this time, instead of just honey and mustard, I also added some ketchup, vinegar and didn't use as much mustard as last time. This turned out pretty tasty as well and the sauce was yummy.

I also bought a baguette to make garlic bread. I even looked up a recipe to try out instead of adhoc-ing the bread. It was really good. The secret? Add olive oil to your garlic and butter mixture and stir it until it's pasty and then scoop it on the bread. Delicious!

For dessert, the other family brought in a chocolate mousse cheesecake. It was an no-bake version, decorated with chocolate dipped wafer cookies, and drizzled with crushed raspberries. A great end to a delicious meal!


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