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Winterlude Snacks Again

Posted: 03/12/14

Winterlude Snacks Again

Restaurant: Winterlude

Nelson @ Ottawa: After being denied the chance to skate on the canal during Winterlude last year I was not to be denied again. The weather cooperated and I got to experience bumpy ice with sore feet among throngs of people. Seriously though, it was fun. I liked how there are stops along the way to warm up and fill your stomach.

We had poutine at this stop and it was nice, warm and filling. I think I know why it was invented in Canada. It quite cold really quick though and we had to eat quickly because a cold poutine is just no good.

And of course we had to have a beaver tail. It's mandatory if you are at Winterlude. This is the cheese and garlic non dessert version. Messy to eat and also fast to cool down, it is best when eaten hot.

Skating on the canal is fun, especially when you can eat too!


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  • that Beaver Tail....... does not look appetizing at all! haha
    dre @ 2014-03-12

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