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Song's Cook not Song Cook's

Posted: 03/08/14

Song's Cook not Song Cook's

Restaurant: Mississauga Songs_Cook

Nelson: This place in Mississauga is called Song's Cook and the one in Richmond Hill is called Song Cook's. The "'s" on a different word makes it a different restaurant. I thought they were the same chain, but I don't think they are.....but based on the appetizers which are exactly the same it makes me wonder. Does anyone know the relationship between these two restaurants?
We decided to try something different, a alcoholic drink called Jinro Makkoli ($14). It's a fermented rice/wheat drink that is milky and opaque in colour with about 6-8% alcohol content. It had a distinct rice taste, almost to the point of a rice pudding because it was sweet. The alcohol was very subtle and mixed well.
It is uniquely served as well in a metal teapot poured into bowls. Reminds me of my University days.
I really liked the seafood pancake here. The Korean name is HaeMul PaJun and described on the menu as Korean style pancake with assorted seafood and veggies ($17). It was a firm pancake and full of solid ingredients and most importantly cooked until crispy.
This is a large pork bone soup with veggies cooked at the table for 2 people ($25). Yes this is the largest pork bone soup I have ever seen. The best part of this version was the fact that it also came with many other ingredients (like rice cakes!) and that it was cooked at the table to guarantee it would stay warm. We were also lucky to get very meaty pieces which is nice because sometimes all you are eating is bone. Oh yeah, the soup was flavourful as well making it a great dish.
This is the Bowl BiBimBap for 2 ($16). Unfortunately it was served in an unappetizing metal bowl and didn't have any crunchy rice. It also got cold really quickly. This may have been the worse bibimbap I have ever had.
The Jim Kal Bi ($25 for large) is steamed beef ribs marinated with special sauce. This is my favourite dish at Korean restaurants and if cooked well it can be amazing. This one was excellent. The meat is so incredibly tender and it had a great taste. This version is slightly different from Song Cook's as the sauce is thicker and a tad sweeter but still absolutely delicious. A must order.
Gan Ja Jang ($9) is fresh stir fried black bean sauce and pork on noodle. I found this one wasn't as good as I remembered and not quite sure what was missing because it was flavorful. Maybe it was the lack of meat. Or perhaps the noodles were a different kind or not cooked right. Something was off.

Some people have said that Mississauga has great ethnic food choices. I'm not so sure it is better than downtown, but I must admit there is a lot of variety on offer here due to the mix of races that reside in Mississauga. There are definitely a few good Korean places in Mississauga and despite a few misses here I would still recommend Song's Cook. But Song Cook's is also good - maybe a tad better.

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  • Looking at these pictures makes me hungry. Nice photos.
    Mike @ 2014-03-08
  • Hi! Fan of your blog. A quick note: regular bibimbap (which looks like what you've got here) isn't served with a hot bowl. For that, you need to make sure to order dolsot bibimbap ("dolsot"=stone bowl). That will come with the hot stone bowl, which also cooks the rice at the bottom of the bowl and makes it crispy. Great photos, keep it up.
    EK @ 2014-03-08
  • Thanks for the feedback EK, I didn't know that! I'll know what to order for next time.
    Nelson @ 2014-03-09

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