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ACC Suite with AYCE Food!

Posted: 03/06/14

ACC Suite with AYCE Food!

Restaurant: Air_Canada_Centre Toronto

Nelson @ ACC: My first time ever in an Air Canada Centre suite for a Raptor's game and the ticket ($87) includes AYCE food! Sweet. You have to rent out the whole suite and fill it with 25 people though. So what food does this include?

Snack food includes AYCE popcorn and chips. The popcorn was a little stale unfortunately. This is the view of the court and it is definitely very high up. The players look really small from this high, but at least it is an unobstructed view....when you lean forward.
Not surprisingly, there is Pizza from Pizza Pizza. I don't think I even had a slice.
Make your own Reuben sandwiches! Unfortunately they didn't have any fancy mustards, just the normal radioactive yellow French's type. They did have rye bread though as you will see. This is probably the best item and I had enough room to eat one sandwich.
Juicy hot dogs. These were surprisingly good because they had a good taste along with the aforementioned juiciness.
Some fresh baked cookies. I think these ran out towards the end of the night and they weren't refilled unfortunately.
So some pretty basic options and drinks were extra. I came away from this absolutely stuffed, but not in a good satisfied way. This turned out to be my only meal of the day and it was more than enough. Having your own suite was fun with a great atmosphere, but overall a little pricey even with the included food.


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