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Regal Palace serves food gone bad

Posted: 03/04/14

Regal Palace serves food gone bad

Restaurant: Regal_Palace Richmond_Hill

Nelson: Note that this review is for the Richmond Hill location on Yonge. I've heard that this place has a bad reputation with bugs found in the food, but that's hearsay. Let's find out if I have a better experience.

Originally we wanted to order some special dishes that require a preorder. We did so for two dishes, but once we arrived we learned that they had run out. Not a good start. This is a soup dish that started off our meal.
This is a duck dish with a taro (like the dim sum dish) covering. This is a good idea for a dish, but unfortunately the execution wasn't very good as it was a little dry. It's hard to tell from this this picture what is inside, so I have a close up a little later.
This is a chicken and vegetable dish. Not sure if they took some effort to arrange it this way or if it is by chance, but at least it looks somewhat interesting.
Hard to tell from the picture, but these are deep fried oysters. These were really large and actually cooked quite well.
Fish fillet with vegetables and mushrooms. Serviceable....and servable.
Here is the promised closeup of the taro duck. You can see they put a layer of taro on top of the duck and on the very top is the crispy deep fried taro. It does look neat.
Here is where we run into problems with this meal. These are deep fried tofu mixed with seafood. The tofu had gone bad. At first, people around the table were wondering if it tasted funny. When I got around to tasting it (I'm busy taking pictures) I confirmed that yes it had gone bad and had started rotting. The taste that was left in mouth was unpleasant. The server came by and picked up the dish after we complained and didn't seem surprised. I can't believe they served it.
Here is some honey garlic pork that was pretty tasty.
Lastly dessert. So overall a very bad experience here. How could they think of serving something that had gone bad? Total fail on their part. Dislike.

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