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The Feisty Jack & Hogtown Smoke Food Trucks

Posted: 03/02/14

The Feisty Jack & Hogtown Smoke Food Trucks

Restaurant: Hogtown_Smoke The_Feisty_Jack

Nelson: Celebrating New Year's at Mississauga Celebration square is convenient because we can just walk down. No parking to deal with and close enough to lug chairs to sit on for the fireworks.

Mississauga also arranged to have food trucks to feed the crowd. This one, called Hogtown Smoke (@hogtownsmoke) has a the perfect Toronto BBQ name and of course they serve BBQ from their mobile BBQ smoke house. We tried the Two Pounds of Poutine with pulled pork, 3 cheeses + curds and gravy ($10). The pulled pork was the highlight for me as it had a great smokey flavour combined with tender meat. The gravy was good as well. I wasn't as much of a fan of the 3 cheeses though as it was mostly grated mozzarella and cheddar which in my opinion detracts from a proper poutine. This was a huge portion though and we had to take it home to finish on the next day. Overall I liked it and I would like to try other items on their food truck menu.

The Feisty Jack serves contemporary British cuisine and all they had left this night was The Penny, which consists of back bacon sandwich with grilled pineapple, fried egg and Kozlick's triple crunch mustard ($7). It may not look like much and I'm not sure what makes this British, but this was an excellent sandwich. The thick slice of satisfying back bacon, the tasty and wonderful mustard, the sweet perfectly balancing pineapple and the hot egg cooked perfectly all contributed to a tasty sandwich. They just need a better bun to make this a classic.

Food trucks are fun and tasty and these two are fine examples. In my opinion, the more food trucks the better!


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