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Bellevue Manor Wedding

Posted: 03/19/14

Bellevue Manor Wedding

Restaurant: Bellevue_Manor Vaughan

dre @ Hwy 7 & Jane: We went to a wedding here at Bellevue Manor in Vaughan. We came later and we missed the appetizers being served, but I saw a table was set up with seafood and other antipasto set up. Instead, we went straight to our table and found a macaroon there as a parting dessert.
The pasta we were served was a Mezzi Rigatoni with roasted eggplant, plum tomatoes and Buffalo mozzarella. The sauce was really tasty and the pasta was a good texture. Kristen ate this whole bowl up (she had her own adult serving) and I gave her my cheese :).
My entree was a grilled chicken breast stuffed with asiago and asparagus in mushroom cognac sauce. I didn't like this dish as I am not a fan of stuffed chicken. The sauce was good and I enjoyed the vegetables served with the dish. Each main dish had the same sides of green bean, Julienne red and yellow bell pepper bundle and sauteed chateau potatoes. The potatoes were delicious! I ate Kristen's share.
Mike got the grilled AAA Alberta filet mignon in red wine reduction. I had a piece and it was very tender. All the meats were cooked well-done, but the meat was still very tender and juicy. Good job on their part.
The salad came out after the main dish came, and it didn't look appetizing. It was a quarter romaine with piave (cow's milk cheese), Caesar dressing and sliced garlic croutons. I think it didn't look good because the dish was so pale and not colourful like how we normally envisioned a salad to be. However, it was really delicious! The dressing was a little sour, but tasteful, and very juicy. I couldn't finish the whole thing as I was so full already, but it was a good salad.
For dessert, there was a Tahitian vanilla bean creme brulee with fresh berries. This was delicious and even though I was full, I still ate 2 (Kristen's!) as it was so tasty. We didn't stay late enough to try the wedding cake, but it sure did look very pretty!


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  • Was this an outdoor wedding? And Kristen got a full portion and not a kid's meal?

    Strange to see the salad last....is that an (Italian?) tradition?
    Nelson @ 2014-03-19
  • No, this was inside (it was February!).

    Kristen got an adult portion because the bride and groom didn't make the minimum number of guests :( so they were paying for these "extra" meals anyway, so Kristen got upgraded! Her dad ate her chicken...
    dre @ 2014-03-19

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