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McDonald's Fan Pack

Posted: 03/17/14

McDonald's Fan Pack

Restaurant: Brampton McDonalds

dre: During the Olympics, McDonald's advertised their Fan Pack - 20 Chicken McNuggets, 2 Drinks, 2 Medium Fries, and 2 Cookies for $13.99. It was a pretty good deal, considering it would cost $7/person.

I do have to admit that after this meal, I was a little Mc-Nuggetted out. My favourite sauce to dip is Hot Mustard and Mike's is Honey. Kristen got to eat some fries, but we had to hide the rest from her because that is all she wanted.

The meal was also supposed to come with Coco Cola pins to collect, but because we got the fan pack close to the end of the Olympics, they had run out.


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