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February Work Breakfast

Posted: 03/03/14

February Work Breakfast

Restaurant: none

dre: Our monthly breakfast continues and in February, it was held on Valentine's Day. The team was from Heist, a vendor that we've been working with for the past year. They cooked us a vegetarian egg bake with cheese, spinach, and tomato. There was French toast that was really good. I forgot to ask if they just baked all the toast and how long it took to cook that many. I wonder how many eggs they used!

There was some watermelon (I don't think I really eat watermelon for breakfast) as of course, you can't have a breakfast without bacon!

This fruit medley was really awesome. There were grapes, apples, oranges, raspberries and I even saw some cherries already pitted! Now that's a lot of effort! It was already a lot of effort cutting up all that fruit!

They even set up a chocolate fountain and had bananas, strawberries, and marshmallows for dipping. Wow.

Last, but not least, there were some cookies (not sure if they were homemade) displaying some company pride.


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