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Dragon Legend

Posted: 02/27/14

Dragon Legend

Restaurant: Dragon_Legend Markham

dre @ Woodbine & Hwy 7: Just north of Hwy 7 off Woodbine is this buffet called Dragon Legend. We came here for Chinese New Year, and even though there was a crazy snowstorm outside, this place was packed!

The buffet seemed really large at first, and I got lost as the hostess brought us to our table. I later learned that they purposely bring you through the buffet (the long way) and walk around the restaurant until you reach your table. I found out that if I simply turned left from the entrance, our table was right there.

The decor was pretty impressive, and even had a big drum in the middle of the buffet. However, the area to get food was quite crowded and it was hard to navigate through at times.

They served a lot of variety of food, and I only took some pictures, as there were so many people. There were crab legs, which I didn't have any.

There was some sashimi and sushi rolls. It was hard to take a picture of the whole area, so I only took a picture of some of the rolls.

The teppanyaki grill area looked pretty good, and there were vegetables, dumplings, shorts ribs, salmon, and other things.

On the side of the grill was roast beef, mashed potatoes, and BBQ pork.

In the middle and sides there were some Chinese stir-fry dishes and dim sum. I really liked their variety and their selection. It had authentic Chinese dishes instead of the usuals that you would see at Mandarin.

The best part of the buffet was the noodle soup area. You can choose to have fish, chicken or Szechuwan spicy beef soups. The noodles were cut from a block of dough, called "Knife-cut noodles". It tasted really fresh. Also, the soup was really good. I think Mike got at least 3 bowls of this.

There was Peking duck, and I thought this was really tasty as well. I got seconds.

Here are some of the items I got. The chicken wings were extremely big, juicy and so tasty. I think I ate 3 of them. There was also some fried oysters. That was REALLY good. They have much more selection of vegetables, and I liked that a lot.

The dessert area wasn't that impressive, so I only tried a waffle with green tea and black sesame ice cream. Not bad and a good end to my meal.

I would consider revisiting this place again one day. Too bad it's so far from me. And they put loads of MSG in their foods because all night we were drinking water like crazy.

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  • Looks good with the peking duck and noodles really standing out from other buffets. How much was it?
    Nelson @ 2014-02-27
  • One of the more pricier buffets - $30 on weekends
    dre @ 2014-02-28

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