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Teppanyaki at Home

Posted: 02/26/14

Teppanyaki at Home

Restaurant: none

Nelson: My parents have this large flat Japanese grill that we sometimes use to make teppanyaki at home. Awesome, right? The grill has an upturned edge so the food stays on the grill which is vitally important.

Instead of the regular teppanyaki where large pieces of meat are cooked, we do more of a stir fry with a lot of vegetables. You can see all the meat on the left here, mostly thin slices of beef, pork and chicken. Near the bottom you can see the mix of vegetables. Most important is the oil (to the left) that cooks everything nicely. Besides that you can see the soy sauce mixture that we use to flavour everything.

When we get bored of meats, much like a hotpot we'll put on a bunch of fish balls. Udon noodles go really well here as well.

It's a pretty easy meal that is fun to make as well. I think my parents got this grill from Japan, because I have never seen anything like this over here. Just writing this post reminds me that I could make Okonomiyaki or Monjayaki instead. Next time!


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