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Korean Snacks Part 2

Posted: 03/18/07

Korean Snacks Part 2

Restaurant: Korean_Grill_House Toronto

Nelson: This is the selection at All You Can Eat (AYCE) Korean BBQ, at least at the one downtown on Queen Street. It's by the same owners as the Commerce Gate kbbq. Anyway, it's Kimchi (of course), deep fried Tofu, Bean Sprouts, Spicy Bean Sprouts and pickled Daikon. I'd have to say the Tofu is my favoured, followed closely by the Daikon.

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  • no potatoes? i only like the potatoes
    dre @ 2007-03-19
  • HEY! there's a starbucks cup there!!!
    dre @ 2007-03-19
  • Yeah, usually there are potatoes, but this time there weren't any :( Potatoes would be high on the list.

    We had stopped by a Starbucks waiting for a friend just before hitting up kbbq. Although, if Starbucks served kbbq, I might be more inclined to go!
    Nelson @ 2007-03-20

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