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Sushi-Ya Japan

Posted: 02/24/14

Sushi-Ya Japan

Restaurant: Sushi_Ya Toronto

Nelson: Finally found a Japanese restaurant opened by Japanese people as it is so rare in Toronto. A Japanese friend had them cater part of their wedding, so that's how I know. But their menu includes many Korean dishes so it is not a purely Japanese restaurant. Unfortunately I arrived late and didn't order so I don't know the exact prices of the the dishes. We started with a edamame ($5), which isn't typically a good thing to order at a Japanese restaurant because it's so cheap and easy to make at home, but I still love eating it. Maybe it came to our table without charge, I don't know.
I believe this is the small sashimi boat ($45). They way they leave the just under the skin part of the fish on and slice it up is unique. It doesn't really change the taste but does alter the typical physical appearance of sashimi. The fish itself was fairly fresh and tasted good.
Their menu has a lot of sushi + roll combination platters and we ordered one. The picture isn't so great, but I do remember it looking better than what you can see here. Lastly is the red bean ice cream which is the best red bean ice cream I have ever had. I wonder where they source it from. Anyway, good Japanese in Etobicoke is fairly rare so remember this place!

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