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Teppanyaki at Tako Sushi

Posted: 02/22/14

Teppanyaki at Tako Sushi

Restaurant: Mississauga Tako_Sushi

Nelson: My first time here trying the Teppanyaki dinner where we picked the "Teppan Mississauga" meal for $28.95. Considering what you get and the cooking show it is actually good value, so let's explore what you get with it. Here is an example of the entertainment....who doesn't like tall spires of fire?

To get the meal started we have a platter of sashimi. A nice way to start especially because you don't have to wait for food to cook before eating in case you are hungry. As usual the pieces are quite large here.

This chilled chawan mushi with seafood is a chilled egg custard with seafood on top. From Japan, I'm used to a hot version of this. This one was more like a tofu piece and very little seafood. It didn't taste that fresh unfortunately.

This is a mixed mushroom kettle soup. It's nice how they serve the non-teppanyaki items first.

Here is where we get the value. Lobster for a Teppanyaki? Yes please. This is a whole live lobster cooked in front of you. The grill lends a smokey flavour to the lobster. Delicious.

Here are a variety of meats that I thought was included in the meal as it was cooking but turns out it was our neighbour's food. The large shrimp look good as well as the large portion of chicken fillets. Kitty had a slightly different order from myself which included some black cod. It was really good.

But no matter, because what I got was way better. This is the Striploin Steak (AAA). Usually steak at an Asian place is not very good, but I was pleasantly surprised at the quality of this steak. especially since sirloin steaks can be iffy. This one was well marbled, not chewy from tendon, buttery and cooked perfectly. The side of mixed mushrooms had several different types and was certainly welcome because it went so well with the steak. A pleasant surprise.

Here is rice with green tea stock. I don't remember seeing the green tea stock, nor tasting it, but the beef was a nice complement. The rice is slightly hard from cooking on the grill, but that is the unique part of eating fried rice from a teppanyaki grill. I was getting full, but there is still more food!

This is a fillet of marinated halibut. Almost unnecessary considering all the other food, but this does make the value of this order indisputable. It was a little burnt though.

And lastly to top it all off some foie gras. Not the best quality I have ever had, as it had a bit of gamey flavour and the texture was not very smooth, but it was still very flavourful in a salty and fatty kind of way. Yum!

There was dessert of creme caramel as well, but it is not pictured. What is pictured is the mixed vegetables that was shown cooking in the first picture. Kitty didn't even touch them as she was too full.

That's a lot of food and while the price is initially high you get good value for it. Great for a special occasion as not only the food good and plentiful, but also the showmanship of the Teppanyaki chef is entertaining!

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