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Winchester Kitchen / Dairy Free Love

Posted: 02/20/14

Winchester Kitchen / Dairy Free Love

Restaurant: Toronto Winchester_Kitchen

Nelson: Winchester Kitchen & Bar has a stage at one end of the room perfect for live music or performances. On this night we experienced the play Dairy Free Love which the talented Victoria Murdoch wrote and stars in. The neatest thing about the play is that Dawn, the character Victoria plays, hosts a cooking show and actually makes food on stage!

Winchester Kitchen has events running almost every night and really spices up the dining experience. I can't make it early on Fridays and was not able to partake in the dinner portion of the evening, but we did order an appetizer to put something into our bellies to hopefully soak up some of the alcohol. We tried the Cast Iron Calamari ($10) with chorizo, arugula and peppers. Great presentation with battered and non batter calamari in a sauce. The vegetables were a welcome addition to this staple dish but the peppers were slightly undercooked.

After the play, Vicky comes around and serves the food she made up on the stage. What an awesome concept!

The recipes are all gluten and dairy free as Victoria can explain why here. I can't imagine having dietary restrictions and not being able to experience so many of the different foods that I write about here. I am fortunate to have decent health and I am thankful for that.

The coconut brownie bites were delicious. They don't quite taste like a brownie, but still tastes good. The berry is dressed with balsamic vinegar and maple syrup, a twist on regular plain berries and used as a garnish for the next item...

...the mousse, which you would think is difficult to make without dairy or gluten, but Vicky proves it is possible. The base of it is avocado and although it doesn't taste not a traditional mousse it tastes like entirely another type of dessert and can stand on its own. Check out the recipes here.

In conclusion, a fun evening of concurrent theater and food which makes for a great combination!

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