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Truffle Making 101

Posted: 02/18/14

Truffle Making 101

Restaurant: Chocloate_Tales Toronto

Nelson: For Valentine's, Kitty and I went to a Truffle making class run by Chocolate Tales. The class, called Truffle Making 101, was located in a closed coffee shop and run by the very friendly and knowledgeable Cocoa Kelly.

After an introduction about the chocolate making process we started with the hands on portion of the evening. The truffle shells were already created (with a mold?), but they had to be filled with ganache.

Ganache is a cream and chocolate mixture that fills the soft insides of a truffle. We piped out (not pictured) some dark and white chocolate into the hollow shells trying to fill the whole cavity, but not overflowing them either. We had to "clean" up the ganache if it overflowed by too much. I wasn't very neat.

We then topped and closed the truffle by pouring some enrobing chocolate (in the cup from the previous picture). This chocolate is harder than the ganache I believe. It's ok if the seal is not perfect because of the next steps as you'll soon see. These trays are then chilled so that they harden. The cups with leftover chocolate was cleaned up.

While they were chilling we were given blocks of ganache to cut shapes out of. They had a variety of metal shape cutters as you can see in the next picture.

The leftover bits were rolled up in our hands and then dipped in cocoa powder or coconut.

You can also see the tools on the right in this picture. The brush is used to paint on the metallic finish coating. You can see the metallic coating powder in the very first picture of this post. The yellow didn't really turn out, but the pink colour came out better.

They also had plastic sheets with a design on that you can press into the chocolate surface to transfer an edible design.

The circular tool is the enrobing wand. Just put your truffle or ganache shape on here and dip in the cup of enrobing chocolate to coat your creations. This is why the imperfect seal doesn't matter - the whole truffle is coated with a layer of chocolate anyway. I found that this method resulted in a thick, rough layer of chocolate on the outside.

The get a smoother finish, Cocoa Kelly taught us a technique where you spread the enrobing chocolate on your hand and you roll the truffle on your hand. This results in a thinner and more textured finished. It is messy though and the provided gloves help "clean" it up.

As you can see there was spreadable white chocolate that could be used to decorate your creations. In my case it means smother liberally. The first tray's is Kitty's which is much neater than my tray pictured second. At least with my tray, I had more chocolate stuck on the pan to clean up.

The best part throughout the night? Just replace the word "clean" with "eat" in all the previous paragraphs. Because we're all amateurs, you end up with a lot of wasted chocolate that you end up eating. Yum!

Kitty and I picked our best creations to put into the provided box. Leave a comment and let us know who did a better job! Kitty's are in the first box, mine are in the second. I'm obviously less skilled as I don't have the patience for this type of activity or the detail oriented nature to make them look good. My favourite part is the eating ;)

I really like the organization of the event as Chocolate Tales really emphasizes the fun parts of the truffle making process. No one had to deal with creating the ganache or filling the pipettes or heating the enrobing chocolate, etc. The students are left to create, have fun and, of course, eat chocolate! You learn about chocolate, gain some skills and most importantly have a lot of fun while doing it. Great workshop!


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  • so if you only kept the best ones, what happens to the leftovers??
    dre @ 2014-03-06
  • We brought the other ones home in provided clear gift bags and we have been trying to give away/eat them the last few weeks
    Nelson @ 2014-03-06

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