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Pita & Grill

Posted: 02/23/14

Pita & Grill

Restaurant: Pita_Grill Toronto

dre @ Bremner & York: This day was not going as planned. I had walked all the way to St. Lawrence Market wanting to get a veal sandwich, but after the 15 minute walk in the cold, windy weather, I arrived to find out that it was closed on Mondays and Sundays for some sort of renovation or repair!! I was quite upset. Along Front Street, there are not that many choices on fast food, so after passing on Hero Burger and Longos, I decided to get a shawarma at Pita Grill.

There was a special that day and there was a free soup with a purchase of a chicken shawarma. That sounded good to me, so I ordered that. I just happened to be the last person to get it as they were running out of soup, so I was lucky.

The soup was a bean soup, and it was too beany for me. I could also taste the burnt bits that was at the bottom of the pot, so not that appetizing. The good thing was it made me really full with the shawarma and I could only finish half of it. It also warmed me up.

The shawarma itself was quite dry, at least the chicken was, so the soup helped. It wasn't a great meal, and I was already not in a great mood after not getting the Italian sandwich I was craving for. :(

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