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Shanghai Food Fix

Posted: 02/25/14

Shanghai Food Fix

Restaurant: A_La_Kitchen Markham

dre @ Woodbine & Hwy 7: We've been struggling to find a favourite Shanghai restaurant for a long time now. We decided to try out A La Kitchen again, as we forgot whether we liked it or not.

We started with siu long baos. You need to carefully take the dumpling out of the container to not accidentally rip it and spill the juices. Unfortunately, I was too hasty and broke my siu long bao. I managed to save some of the juices, but it wasn't as satisfying.

The broccoli with egg white dish is always really good. I like it when restaurants give a lot of broccoli.

The next dish is dan dan mian. This was peanut buttery, but not too spicy. I haven't had a really good dan dan mian and still like my homemade version the best.

Fried rice cakes with pork and salted vegetables. I didn't like this dish. I think the vegetables were too sour and turned me off from the dish. The texture of the rice cake was nice and chewy.

A La House Special Fried Rice with Seafood. I liked the fried egg on top and the amount of squid. This dish was pretty good.

I ordered an Shanghai Soup Noodle with Pork, but I think I got the Special Assorted Seafood Soup. I was disappointed that it was almost the same as the fried rice above. I wasn't impressed with this dish.

We ordered some dumplings and other dishes, but I didn't take photos of them.

For dessert, we got the deep fried egg white puff with red bean inside. These were delicious and always a good end to a Shanghai meal!

Conclusion, A La Kitchen is not our favourite Shanghai place so we will have to keep trying other places!

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