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Grand Lake Chinese Banquet Meal

Posted: 02/17/14

Grand Lake Chinese Banquet Meal

Restaurant: Grand_Lake_Chinese_Cuisine Markham

dre @ Hwy 7 & Kennedy: I haven't had a Chinese banquet meal in a long time, so I was looking forward to this meal to celebrate a family friend's 80th birthday. There were 10 of us at a table, but since one person was Kristen, we got to divide the food into 9 portions.

We started with a roast suckling pig with jellyfish. Always an enjoyable dish and this pork was juicy and the skin was crispy. I always feel guilty eating the skin and fat, but it's so good!

The next dish has snow peas, scallops and king mushrooms - 3 thing I love to eat! The snow peas were really crisp and the scallops were huge.

Another favourite is the crab claw. I don't particularly care for vinegar, so I normally don't add red vinegar to the crab claw.

I think there was a soup in between here, but I didn't take a picture of it.

We then had pea shoots with Chinese mushroom and dried scallops. I thought the sauce was extremely thick and tasted weird.

As usual, by the time the fish comes out, we are getting full. I didn't have any of the fish.

I couldn't resist having a couple pieces of lobster, though. I licked the garlic sauce off the shells... it was so good!

I also can't resist chicken. I had several pieces of chicken.

My favourite part of the meal is definitely the E-fu noodles and the fried rice. I liked how the fried rice was originally shaped like a pyramid before someone dug into it.

An enjoyable meal and I was very full!

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