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Azure Winterlicious, Part 2

Posted: 02/11/14

Azure Winterlicious, Part 2

Restaurant: Azure Toronto

DISCLAIMER: This meal was provided free of charge to promote Azure's Winterlicious menu.

dre @ Front & Simcoe: I haven't been to a Winterlicious in a long time, and was looking forward to this experience. It's also been a long time since we've been out without Kristen, so I was doubly looking forward for this night out.

The first thing that impressed me was that Azure provides complimentary valet parking to all the patrons. That is a big plus because going downtown for dinner is a real turn-off if it costs an extra $20 just to park the car.

We ordered some drinks. I asked the server to surprise me with something non-alcoholic and fruity, and they came back with a drink similar to a Shirley Temple. I tasted some cranberry and orange juice with grenadine. Mike got a Pear & Vanilla Sparkler, which has vodka, fresh lime, house made vanilla pear soda.

The bread was very fresh, and I liked the bread sticks. I ate so many of them. When we asked for a bread basket refill, we got the 2 types of bread shown here as well as some flat sesame sticks as well.

For the appetizer, I had the Parsnip Bisque. It had a couple pieces of roasted pears, which brought out the sweetness, and double smoked bacon pieces, which brought out the saltiness. The truffle oil was yummy. The soup was very good and not too heavy.

Mike had the Dried Cranberry & Apple Salad - brie cheese, honey comb, almonds, baby greens, sherry vinaigrette. I had a taste, but to me, this salad wasn't anything special. It was tasty though, but I didn't try the brie.

For my main, I had the Ontario Delft Blue Grain Fed Veal Osso Bucco with potato gnocchi, root vegetables, kale, gremolata. The veal was tender enough. I wasn't a big fan of the gravy, as I thought it had a strong wine taste. The portion size was pretty large as there was a lot of meat and I barely finished it. The bone marrow was so good! I really liked the potato gnocchi though and was glad there were many hiding under the osso bucco.

Mike had the Butternut Squash Risotto - arborio rice, mascarpone, sage, truffle essence. He really likes risotto and this was very rich and creamy. I thought the risotto was underdone, but I prefer my risotto more cooked. Mike liked the texture.

For dessert, Mike had the Apple Caramel Cheesecake - Calvados sour cream, praline crust. This was the best dessert. The cheesecake was creamy and the crust surprised me with some crunchy pralines in it. It was delicious.

I had the Café Mocha Chocolate Cake - almond wafer, vanilla ice cream. Well, it was supposed to come with vanilla ice cream, but mine never came with any! The cake was tasty, but nothing special.

The meal left me really full and I enjoyed the night out!

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