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Song Cooks

Posted: 02/08/14

Song Cooks

Restaurant: Richmond_Hill Song_Cooks

Nelson: One of my go to places for Korean this place offers a wide variety of delicious Korean food. Let's start with the most famous Korean food - kimchi. Comes for free as a snack at every meal their version is very sour. Maybe real Koreans prefer it that way, but it is a tad too much for my tastes. Also note the yellow pickled radish and sauces that also arrive with food.

The YangPoni BiBimBap ($17) is a double sized BiBimBap in a big, big bowl. An accurate translation for once! You never really notice the raw egg, but it gives the dish some of the pleasant sauciness. I really enjoyed the plentiful mushrooms in this dish which give excellent flavour and texture. Such simple ingredients but are heavenly when combined.

This is a fall feature called Five Spices Jokbahl ($21) described as tender seasoned pork hock, served with sliced garlic and peppers. There are so many ways to prepare pork hock and this is definitely unique. A bit of smokey flavour combines with some distinctive flavours and of course the fat which has been hardened. The meat parts are very lean and almost too dry. This needed a bit more lettuce to wrap in, but otherwise a decent dish.

This is the chicken TangSuYuk described as the definitive Korean-style sweet and sour dish ($18). I don't like this dish at all and don't understand why they advertise it so prominently on their menu. Too much breading, not that well deep fried and a sauce that is way too sweet that is poured on afterward almost like an afterthought. I remembered to not order this dish anymore when I come here.

HaeMul PaJun ($18) or Seafood and green onion pancake with vegetables. The version here is huge and extremely thick packed with different delights. Well you have to like seafood to appreciate this dish, but I always enjoy eating it.

By far the best dish at this restaurant is the KalBiJjim ($24), simply marinated steamed beef ribs. The koreans know how to do beef ribs the best and this version is so incredibly tender with such a great flavour from the sauce that is simple but perfect for this meat. I can't stress how this is my favourite dish at this restaurant and always worth ordering.

The JaJangMyun ($7.50) is beef, veggies and black bean sauce on noodles. It's a very heavy flavour that goes with the refreshing noodles but with its unique taste makes it special. This one just needs a bit more noodle for the amount of topping that is provided. I really like how they keep the ingredients separate until the last possible moment before consumption.

Writing this post makes me hungry for Korean food!

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