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Frat Burger

Posted: 02/06/14

Frat Burger

Restaurant: Frat_Burger Waterloo

Nelson: Frat Burger has a really prominent sign when you pass by on University. I was already parked at the mall, so I decided to finally head in and give it a try.

The inside is pretty dark with small TVs setup everywhere tuned into sports. The place is filled with students chowing down on burgers and beer. I ordered the burger of the day, which happened to be a mac & cheese burger with bacon ($5.99). A good deal considering the cost of the extra toppings here. I should have asked for some more free toppings though, but I went with the premade burger unchanged. The meat patties are pretty small and pressed into the grill so that the outsides would be crisp. Turns out I don't like mac & cheese that much and it may have been better if it were cheesier. At least the bacon was good.

I probably need to give this place another chance. If only I were a student again....

(PS Finally broke my kebab streak!)

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