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Posted: 02/04/14


Restaurant: Mediterraneo Waterloo

Nelson @ Waterloo: This is totally not intentional as this is sequentially the next post, but I'm going to keep the kebab streak going. This time it's Greek food. I had the souvlaki Shish kebab, described as world famous souvlaki (I had the pork), marinated on a skewer served with Greek salad, roast potatoes, rice and tzatziki sauce ($14.95). The souvlaki was good and juicy, but the potatoes were a bit plain and I could have used more tzatziki. This place is suppose to be one of the best Greek places in Waterloo and while that may be true, I think places in Toronto are better.

Mike and Maggie tried the ribs and although I tried some, I can't remember whether it was any good.

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