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Posted: 02/02/14


Restaurant: Fushimi Markham

Nelson: The important factors for AYCE sushi is price, quality and variety. Like many other AYCE sushi places this one is $23.99 which is just about average for any decent one. The difference here is the sheer quantity of different dishes they have and with four people we tried 30+! I ate this meal with three other girls and they were no lightweights.

Let's start with the Truffle White Tuna. I didn't quite taste the truffle sauce, but the tuna was lightly cooked and pretty good. Looks like they put a bit of effort into the presentation as well.

Beef tataki on the right, age tofu and spicy scallop trim on the left.

These are the spicy tuna and spicy salmon tartar. Interesting way to present them.

Salmon Naruto. The cucumber that wraps this isn't that great imo.

Fresh Oysters! There is a limit of two per person, but it is great that it is included! Kitty really enjoyed these.

Here are some rolls. We tried the Crazy Salmon with spicy crunch salmon, avocado, wrapped with peppered salmon with house sauce and honey wasabi sauce (right). The one on the left is the golden spider with soft shell crab, lettuce, fish eggs, avocado, cucumber, kani, topped with house sauce and eel sauce.

Some more unique rolls include the Fushimi roll with shrimp tempura, fish eggs, bbq eel, mango, avocado, layered with house sauce, wrapped with sesame soy bean. The sex on the beach (left) with fresh salmon, mango, kani, avocado, cucubmer and fish eggs layered with pink soy bean. Although novel, I didn't like the soy bean wrappings that much. The good thing was that the mango was ripe and lent some sweetness to the rolls.

Ika Maru Yaki, whole bbq calamari with chef's special sauce.

Honestly, I'm not sure what this is. Can anyone figure it out?

This walnut shrimp with lemon mayo sauce and grape seed oil was one of the best dishes here. Yes it is slathered in mayo, but it tastes so good! We had another order of this because we liked it so much.

Some mutton kebab. Yup, I'm keeping the middle eastern food streak alive! They weren't too gamey and actually pretty good!

The sashimi platter. It also had slices of avocado haha.

BBQ eel.

Vegetable tempura. Sweet potato is what's left I think.

Mushroom butter yaki. Underrated perhaps? Maybe it's the butter that makes it taste so good.

Deep fried calamari in an Asian way as opposed to done in a Western way which would have more oil.

Steak yaki tori.

Marinated beef short rib in Korean sytle. These were really good.

Deep fried scallop. Very large scallop, but overcooked so that it felt like they were wasted. Maybe they are reconstituted since it didn't taste very good and real ones that large would be super expensive?

This fushimi salad had assorted seafood, cucumber, green onion with homemade sauce. Sounds good on the menu, but not so good in reality.

We ordered this because we didn't know what to expect. It's the spicy crab salad with kani, apple, cucumber, flakes with spicy lemon sauce. I don't recall the taste of this one, so it can't be that memorable.

Teriyaki squid.

The "Out-of-control" with shrimp tempura, asparagus, inside wrapped spicy crunch salmon with spicy sauce and tempura flakes. It was ok.

Shrimp tempura with too much batter.

This is a tripe yaki udons which was surprisingly good!

Someone ordered this noodle soup, but I didn't have any myself.

Pretty boring to order this, but we did - stir fry mixed vegetables.

I think this is the golden shrimp. Battered and dripped in honey, this is not very good. I don't think it's on the menu anymore.

Mango yogurt, black sesame pudding and tiramisu. They were ok, nothing that good.

I have had good experiences with fried milk that I had only discovered a few years ago. Unfortunately they don't make a very good one here.

Last, but not least the deep fried tempura ice cream. My first experience with this was better and this didn't live up to it.

Overall, I really think they had a wide variety of foods. The fish is AYCE quality and the dessert weren't that good. But I think this is one of the better AYCE japanese places and I liked it.

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