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Pide in Mississauga!

Posted: 02/09/14

Pide in Mississauga!

Restaurant: Mississauga Naders

dre & Nelson @ Mavis & Burnhamthorpe: We met up with Nelson and Kitty for lunch and after looking at all his Turkey food pictures, I wanted to try some Turkish food, particularly pide (which we learned is pronounced pee-deh). Nelson found this restaurant, Naders, close to his place, so we decided to try it out.

Nelson ordered 2 meat pides, but for some reason, one came with some spicy sauce and the other one didn't. I liked them both and I liked how the meat had spices in it. Kristen liked the bread and meat too. Next time, we'll ask for cheese on the pide. (Nelson: Yeah, I didn't see that cheese had to be ordered separately, my mistake. I really really liked the dough this was cooked on. The meat was good too, especially the spicy one.)

The next dish is the Kofta Kabob. The meat is similarly spiced like the pide.

The last dish is the Chicken Shawarma. It's probably not Turkish, but I'll consider it Middle Eastern. The way that it was marinated was really good and saucy. It went really well with the rice. (Nelson: The rice was my favourite part of this dish, oily but really tasty) I would definitely order this dish again!

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  • We have to come back and try the pide again with cheese.
    Mike @ 2014-02-09

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