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McDonald's Poutine

Posted: 02/05/14

McDonald's Poutine

Restaurant: Brampton McDonalds

dre: Going with tradition, I always end up eating a lot of McDonald's in January because their coupons come out. I tell myself it's not that bad because I only have McDonald's a couple times a year (but I think in reality it's more than I want to think.)

Mike and I shared a "2 can dine for $9.99" coupon. I had a McChicken Sandwich and he had a Big Mac.

He also decided to upgrade his meal to try out the new poutine that McDonald's was featuring. For the extra $2.50, he said it wasn't worth it as it was pretty small and he would rather just have regular fries. It looks good though... if I liked gravy and cheese curds :P


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