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Royal Tea House

Posted: 02/03/14

Royal Tea House

Restaurant: Markham Royal_Tea_House

dre @ Woodbine & Hwy 7: On New Years Day, we ventured out to Markham for some dim sum. I haven't had dim sum outside of Brampton in a long long time, so this place was a nice change. It was really really busy due to the holiday but we managed to squish the 9 of us (with 3 kids) at a table.

We went crazy with the ordering and the food came out really fast. In fact, it was so fast, that it was easier to just take a large picture.

The first three dishes we got were beef meatballs, spare ribs, and BBQ pork pastry. Kristen really liked the meatballs.

Then came some chicken feet, turnip cake, lotus wrapped sticky rice with pork, tripe, and dumplings in chili oil. I really liked the dumplings and the chili oil gave it a nice kick. Kristen also enjoyed the sticky rice a lot.

Then a lot more food came and we had spring rolls, fried squid, tofu skin wrapped pork (so hard to explain in English), curry squid, some shrimp and pork dumplings, rice noodle wrapped fritter, and congee! Did I get everything?

All in all, everything was really delicious and I was pretty full and sleep after this meal. Too bad it is so far for good dim sum!

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