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Villa Madina

Posted: 01/29/14

Villa Madina

Restaurant: Villa_Madina

Nelson: So what is my first post after coming back from Turkey? Middle Eastern fast food! Villa Medina is a fast food place you can find in malls throughout Eastern Canada. Having just come back from Turkey, there are a lot of places that serve food similar to this place. Maybe it's not as fast food for a mall? Or perhaps a lot of places in Turkey are like fast food? Either way I like it.

Sometimes when we don't go grocery shopping on weekends, I end up eating at the caf or going out to pick something up. If I go to the mall, I'm always tempted to get shwarama because it's the Monday special. $6.99 for a large plate of food with lots of variety. I can never tell whether the takeout or eat in is larger. Sometimes I get a side pita, sometimes I don't and I have no idea why.

The choices are chicken or beef shwarama. I always pick the one that is "crispier". Screw cancer. The white and red sauces on the meat make it that much tastier.

But to make it even better all the sides are awesome. Choice of two different rices (saffron or bean), roasted potatoes, hummus, garlic paste, choice of one (or two) salads including green, tabouleh, fattoush, three bean, beats, chick pea etc. Then there are the pickled vegetables. So much variety and all of it tastes so good.

Is it authentic? As far as I can tell, yes. Is it fast food? Because of the setting, yes. But in my opinion it tastes pretty good and seems like a step above everything else at the mall. Is it as good as Turkey? Not quite, maybe just different. But one thing is for sure, I enjoy eating it!


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