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Longo's Lunches

Posted: 02/01/14

Longo's Lunches

Restaurant: Longos Toronto

dre @ York & Bremner: As I have mentioned before, Longo's is one of the cheaper places to go with decent food. There are some things I've always wanted to try there, such as their sandwiches and hot food, but I always seem to default to their soup and pizza. Perhaps one day I will try other items and feature them on BiteMe.

Their soup selection is really good. There is about 10 different soups you can choose from and each large bowl is $3.50. That alone could get you pretty full. This one here is the Moroccan Chicken with Orzo. It was delicious.

You also can't go wrong with their pizza ($7.99 for 10 inch). I wanted my favourite, the one with rapini and mushrooms on pesto, but I was too late, so I settled for the meaty pepperoni, bacon, chicken, and mushrooms. This pizza is my second favourite one.


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