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Turkish McDonald's

Posted: 01/27/14

Turkish McDonald's

Restaurant: McDonalds Turkey

Nelson: Staying at an airport hotel the night before our morning flight means there aren't a lot of options. After rejecting the hotel's crazy expensive pizza we ventured outside...into a network of roads. We played a bit of frogger in the dark and eventually ended up at a McDonald's. Three Asian people must have stood out here as we got a lot of stares.

Obviously I tried to order the most exotic items on the menu. Turns out that happens to be a McTurco on the left and a Kofte burger. The McTurco ($8.25TL for combo) I think is supposed to be like a kebab, and in this case a chicken kebab (they had beef as well). The problem was that it had no taste and felt like there was very little chicken in it. It didn't even have the texture of chicken, just bland protein paste in the form of a patty on a plain flat bread. Gross.

The Kofte burger (5TL) on the right was slightly better. A bit better flavour but very lean meat. The bun appeared to have some herbs on it and the bread did taste different from what I'm used to.

I can't see why you'd get McDonald's in Turkey when the other food options are just as cheap and fast but tastes so much better. I wonder how well McDonald's in Turkey, because I wouldn't want to eat there again.

So those are my Turkish eating adventures. Check out all the Turkey food entries here Hope you enjoyed it!


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